A. Enrolment Terms and Conditions.

By signature on the enrolment form, all applicants agree to the following terms and conditions of Tech Music School (“TMS”)

1. The enrolment form constitutes the contract between the parties being the student and/or his/her parents or guardian.

2. Tech Music School (TMS/the Company) will make every reasonable effort to ensure each course is delivered as advertised. However, TMS reserves the right to modify course content and materials as required in the interests of continuous course improvement and/or academic obligation. TMS also reserves the right to make reasonable changes to course start dates, end dates, timetables and course location. Students will be given notice of any such changes.

3. An assessment must be undertaken prior to enrolment for the Diploma, Higher Diploma and Certificate courses, and an audition is required for the BMus Degree course. These can be done in person or in some cases remotely for those students outside of mainland UK. Applicants are to contact Admissions to make arrangements.

4. A deposit as stated on the enrolment form is required to secure your place on all full-time courses. All part-time courses must be paid in full prior to course commencement, i.e. no deposit accepted.

5. Deposits are not refundable or transferable except in case of material breach by TMS.

6. Official withdrawal from the course (“official withdrawal”) can only be authorised by the Directors. Requests for official withdrawal must be submitted in writing using the official withdrawal form. The official withdrawal form is available from the TMS office. Approval to refund fees can only be authorised by the Directors. Official withdrawal with refund will only be considered when written evidence of mitigating circumstances is presented with the request for official withdrawal. If the request for official withdrawal with refund is authorised by the Directors the student will be informed in writing. Please see the refund policy in the student handbook for full details.

7. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, or if insufficient student numbers are enrolled onto a course, TMS reserves the right to cancel any course prior to commencement. A full refund will be provided to any enrolled students in this case.

8. TMS reserves the right to expel or suspend any student from all or part of their course in cases of breaches of the student code of conduct. Please see the student code of conduct in the student handbook for full details.

9. TMS reserves the right to modify course prices from time to time (other than a course already contracted by the applicant). The website www.techmusicschool.co.uk generally contains the most up to date information.

10. (i) Balance of fees on all privately funded full-time courses must be paid in full by no later than one month from the commencement date of the course start date.
(ii) Fees for all part-time courses are payable in full on enrolment, unless alternative arrangements are agreed in writing with TMS beforehand.
(iii) Balance of fees on all funded courses accredited by Thames Valley University (TVU) must be paid upon enrolment at Thames Valley University. Alternatively proof of a successful student loan application must be produced to TVU upon enrolment.

11. TMS reserves the right to cancel an enrolment and allocate the place to another applicant in case of non-payment of course fees.

12. TMS cannot accept responsibility or liability for any losses, damages for death or personal injuries or consequential loss except for those resulting from the Company’s negligence or breach of duty. In particular, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure the wearing of adequate ear protection at all times when using amplification equipment.

13. TMS shall not be responsible for students’ belongings, including musical equipment, whilst on TMS premises (such equipment being the responsibility of students at all times) and therefore will not in the absence of any negligence or breach of duty by the Company or its servants and agents be held liable for loss, damage or theft of said belongings.

14. TMS shall not be liable to enrolled applicants for loss of income, profit or for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage of any kind. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any liability of TMS to applicants under or in connection with the provision of a course (other than liability for death or personal injury from the Company’s negligence or breach of duty) shall in no event exceed the fees payable in respect of such course.

15. In addition to these terms and conditions, students agree to abide by policies and procedures as set out in the course student handbook (as may at TMS’s discretion be amended from time to time) and/or via notices displayed on TMS premises from time to time

16. Students will be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to TMS’s property however caused by them and will fully indemnify TMS against any resulting liabilities and expenses.

17. By enrolling on the course the applicant authorises TMS and / or any associated company to publish photographs and materials relating to the student’s course of study with TMS and career thereafter in all territories for the purposes of publicity and promotion without restriction.

18. International students are advised to apply for visas in good time. The course deposit is non-refundable in the event of unsuccessful visa applications.

19. Applicants enrolling less that one month prior to the course start date are required to pay the fees in full in cleared funds. Cheques will not be accepted.

20. TMS is insured for public liability.